June 30, 2008

Update 1: St. Laurence O’Toole 2008 British Champions

Birmingham, England – June 28,. 2008 – St. Laurence O’Toole of Dublin won the 2008 British Championships, taking its second consecutive title in 2008 after winning the Scottish in May. Field Marshal Montgomery sunk to sixth place, its lowest ranking in several years. FMM P-M Richard Parkes conducted the band after he had an apparent mishap with his pipe bag. Robert Wiseman Dairies-Vale of Atholl was disqualified for playing the wrong MSR. Weather was overcast but dry all day.

RSPBA rules state that a band must finish with the same number of players with which it starts. Piping judge Peter Snadden had FMM first, while his counterpart, T. Sloan, placed them last. The band was not disqualified. Parkes did not compete with FMM on June 21st at Banbridge, Northern Ireland, because of the incredibly poor weather conditions.

No Northern Irish Grade 2 bands made the trip to Birmingham.

Grade 1 (MSR, 12 competed)
1st St Laurence O’Toole
2nd House of Edgar-Shotts & Dykehead
3rd Strathclyde Police
4th ScottishPower
5th Boghall & Bathgate
6th Field Marshal Montgomery
Drumming: Shotts
Judges: T. Sloan, Peter Snadden (piping); Greg Dinsdale (drumming); Trevor Dear (ensemble)

Grade 2 (medley, 13 competed)
1st Torphichen & Bathgate
2nd Glasgow Skye
3rd Dunfries & Galloway
4th Mauchline & District
5th Buchan
6th Grampian Police
Drumming: Torphichen
Judges: David Clark, Dixie Ingram (pipng); Jim Baxter (drumming); Ciaran Mordaunt (ensemble)

Grade 3A (15 competed)
1st MacKenzie Caledonian
2nd Beeston
3rd Clydebank
4th Cullen
5h Deeside Caledonia
6th Aughintober
Drumming: Beeston

Grade 3B (six competed)
1st Central Scotland Police
2nd Methil
3rd Ayr Society
4th Kirkaldy
5th Troon Blackrock
6th Penicuick
Drumming: Central Scotland Police

Juvenile (five competed)
1st Inverary
2nd Dollar
3rd George Watson’s College
4th Boghall & Bathgate
5th Vale of Atholl
Drumming: Boghall

Grade 4A
1st Black Bottle
2nd University of Bedfordshire
3rd Royal Burgh of Stirling
4th Paris & District
5th Badenoch & Strathspey
6th Hawick

Grade 4B
1st Stockbridge
2nd Dunoon Argyll
3rd Burntisland & District
4th Fraserburgh
5th Stamperland
6th Methil & District

Novice Juvenile
1st Bucksburn & District
2nd Lochgelly
3rd George Watson’s College
4th 1st Troon Boys’ Brigade
5th Seafield
6th Boghall & Bathgate


  1. Congratulations to SLOT. Looking at the RSPBA’s results table: they list 12 placings from all judges, but there were only 11 bands in it, since the Vale was DQed. Their table is not accurate. It does not affect the top six result, but ScottishPower is a clear fourth (not on EP, as it shows now). It also reveals that the Vale would have been seventh, based on the missing rankings. And if Sloan had given FMM a first in piping, they still would have been second overall. A second-place from Sloan would have tied FMM with Shotts, with Shotts second on EP.

  2. Is someone able to tell me how one piping judge could come to the conclusion that FMM should be first and the other that they should be last? What exactly was happening? Iain White Greenock

  3. Congrats to SLOTS again. Well done lads and keep at it and the worlds will be yours too. Look forward to seeing you all at the Todd in August. As for FMM, really bad luck is all it is and I’m sure they’ll be hungry for a win at the Europeans. I can kind of understand how Snadden hadn’t noticed, for one most judges are listening rather than watching the band (think we all notice that most judges have their heads down on the sheet rather than on the band) and Parkes never struck in from the beginning, meaning no disturbance to sound throughou the entire performance. Not defending it just pointing out. I honestly believe it should of been noticed but we are only human eh.

  4. Have to disagree with the comment that you understand how the judge didn’t have any disturbance to hear. The video clearly shows FMs PM striking his bag at least 3 times. This cannot be done in silence. It was seen and heard by the crowd. The judge should have picked it up. I think that sometimes the judges are far too close to pick up the overall presentation. This is an example where positional adjudication would be far better. Listening closely to one side means not hearing the other side.



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