June 30, 2007

Updated: 78th Frasers win Georgetown

Georgetown Grade 2 winner Niagara Regional Police make their way to the starting line, Georgetwon Highland Games, June 9, 2007.Georgetown, Ontario – June 9, 2007 – The Scottish Lion 78th Fraser Highlanders won the first outdoor event of the Ontario season, taking the Grade 1 contest at Georgetown. The band played with a pipe section of 27. Toronto Police, playing with a pipe section of eight, finished third in the four-band event. The band is in the process of rebuilding after losing more than 12 pipers after the 2006 season.

The weather was picture-perfect, with a high of 24 and bright sunshine throughout the day.

Grade 1 (MSR) (four competed)
1st Scottish Lion-78th Fraser Highlanders
2nd Windsor Police
3rd Toronto Police
4th Peel Regional Police
Drumming: 78th Frasers; Best Bass Section: Windsor
Judges: Gail Brown, Bob Worrall (piping); Geoff Neigh (ensemble); Mike Hunter (drumming)

Grade 2 (medley) (three competed)
1st Niagara Regional Police
2nd Hamilton Police
3rd McNaughton Highlanders
Drumming: Niagara; Best Bass Section: Niagara
Judges: John MacDonald, Ron Rollo (piping); Andrew Berthoff (ensemble); Larry Willis (drumming)

Grade 3 (nine competed)
1st Penatangore
2nd Windsor Police (Gr.3)
3rd Toronto Police (Gr.3)
Best Bass Section: Windsor Police
Judges: Gail Brown, Bob Worrall (piping); Geoff Neigh (ensemble); Mike Hunter (drumming)

Grade 4 (11 competed)
1st Rob Roy
2nd Georgetown
3rd Niagara Police (Gr.4)
4th Windsor Police (Gr.4)
Drumming: Rob Roy; Best Bass Section: Rob Roy
Judges: John MacDonald, Iain Symington (piping); Andrew Berthoff (ensemble); Larry Willis (drumming)

Grade 5 (five competed)
1st Robert Whittle Memorial
2nd Paris-Port Dover
3rd Brantford
Judges: John MacDonald, Iain Symington (piping); Andrew Berthoff (ensemble); Larry Willis (drumming)

Professional Solo Piping

1st James MacHattie
2nd Sean McKeown
3rd Lionel Tupman
Judge: Bill Livingstone

1st Jacob Dicker
2nd Lionel Tupman
3rd James MacHattie
Judge: Andrew Berthoff

Strathspey & Reel
1st Robbie Beaton
2nd James MacHattie
3rd Jacob Dicker
Judge: Tom Anderson

1st Lionel Tupman
2nd Robbie Beaton
3rd Sean McKeown
Judge: Bob Worrall

Professional Solo Drumming

1st Iain Madeiros
2nd Daniel Bist
3rd Glen Neil

Hornpipe & Jig
1st Glen Neil
2nd Daniel Bist
3rd Scott Roxton


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  1. This is a very good result for Windsor Police, they should be the band to watch this season. But what on earth has happened to Toronto Police? I’m guessing they lost a lot of players to the 78th?

  2. The Frasers were amazing..they pulled it off with the mega pipe section. The entire band sounded incredible. It was kind of amusing though, as the band approached the line the crowd had to back up to make room. Good job to Windsor Police as well. It looks like they are making their mark in grade 1 for sure.



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