November 30, 2009

Updated: EUSPBA sticks with MAP, disallows seminars

In a move unexpected by some, the Eastern United States Pipe Band Association has decided to maintain its use of an RSPBA-style Musical Appreciation and Presentation (MAP) system for its lower-grade pipe band competitions for 2010. The organization had reportedly been contemplating abandoning the program after introducing it for the 2009 competition season.
The EUSPBA program applies to its Grade 5 and Grade 4 band competitions at select events. The association allows bands at competitions to play one of three “March Sets,” either a Quick March Medley, a set of 2/4 marches, 3/4 marches or 4/4 marches.
The EUSPBA differs from the RSPBA in its program by not offering suggested piping or drumming scores, only mandating that the music “shall not contain bridges or reprises. The music should be structured traditionally,” and “include a traditional attack of two three pace rolls, with the chanters sounding E on the seventh beat. There will be no time limits associated . . .”
The association decided that the list of suggested tunes would not be mandatory, but removed the previous time limitation. Bands now have the option of playing either three two-parted marches or four two-parted marches in the designated time signatures.
Also decided by the organization’s Music Board was the disallowing of attendance at non-EUSPBA Judges Seminars as credit towards upkeep of professional development. EUSPBA-accredited judges must attend an approved EUSPBA-run seminar at least once every two years to maintain their good standing on their judging panel.
The Alliance of North American Pipe Band Associations had collectively agreed several years ago that attendance at any ANAPBA-member judges seminar would be credited in a reciprocal way.
The EUSPBA had changed its own policy to allow attendance at Pipers & Pipe Band Society of Ontario judges seminars to count towards the EUSPBA’s requirement if a judge had been suspended for non-attendance. The original policy change was allegedly as a result of several judges being suspended in 2003 from the EUSPBA panel for not attending mandatory seminars.
According to a source within the EUSPBA, “EUSPBA judges are still allowed to attend PPBSO seminars but they will not get attendance ‘credit’ no matter what the situation.”
The PPBSO continues to recognize all ANAPBA-member associations’ judging seminar towards its own expectation to maintain independent professional development to stay on the organization’s active list of judges.




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