October 31, 2004

(Updated) Former ScottishPower drummer Thompson now lead-tip at Glasgow Skye

The Phoenix Honda-Glasgow Skye Pipe Band of Glasgow has appointed Ian Thompson leading-drummer, two months after the departure of former L-D, Derek Craig.

According the Phoenix Honda-Glasgow Skye Pipe-Major, Craig Campbell, Craig was let go after the Cowal Championships in August, and the band’s entire drum section decided to leave with him.

But Campbell’s claim that Craig was dismissed is disputed by former Glasgow Skye drummer Barham Brummage:

“Derek wanted to continue with the band and to build on the success he had gained with the drum corps during the season – the best season the Glasgow Skye have had as a drum corps in some time. However, in the face of Craig Campbell’s refusal to even contemplate any form of compromise, rather than face the prospect of dragging the band’s name through the mud in a long, protracted fight for control, Derek resigned his position.”

Ian Thompson played with ScottishPower under that band’s former L-D, John Scullion. Phoenix Honda-Glasgow Skye was forced to change its Leading-Drummer when Keith Orr, who was with the band for only a matter of months, decided to take the L-D position with Field Marshal Montgomery.

“Ian wasn’t available at the time of Keith Orr moving to the Field Marshal,” Campbell says, “but he is now delighted to take up the challenge. I look forward to working with Ian, and feel that he has the correct personality to help move this band onward and upward.”

Since the leading-drummer change, Phoenix Honda-Glasgow Skye has been officially relegated to Grade 2 by the RSPBA.


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