September 30, 2006

Updated: SLOT medley twice on World’s CD

Volume 1 of Klub Records Ltd.’s CDs of the 2006 World Pipe Band Championships, which hit store shelves today, mistakenly features the St. Laurence O’Toole medley twice: where it should be, but also as the Scottish Lion-78th Fraser Highlanders Pipe Band’s track.

Track 12 and track 14 are identical, while the sleeve notes indicate that track 12 is the Scottish Lion-78th Frasers’ medley. The band’s medley is not on the release.

Isobel Waugh of Klub Records said, “The matter is being attended to. The CDs have not reached most destinations yet.”

“Many members of my band are extrememly upset at this mess-up,” said Bill Livingstone, pipe-major of the SL78FH. “Untold hours of work and financial sacrifice to make the prize list are left with no recognition on the only tangible reward that comes with the top-six placing.

“I have nothing to say that would be illuminating to anyone who watches the entire scene of the World Pipe Band Championships. Omission from the CD is almost surely nothing but a sloppy mistake, not inconsistent with the rush to market last year of an inferior DVD with audio and video only distantly related to each other.”

The World’s recordings are reportedly the biggest selling pipe band CDs of the year. The Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association has worked with Klub Records for more than a decade to create the CDs. None of the proceeds from sales of the recordings go to the performers.

It is not known whether the World’s DVD is also impacted by the duplicated medley mistake.

The Scottish Lion-78th Fraser Highlanders finished sixth in the World’s Grade 1 Medley event; St. Laurence O’Toole was seventh.

“Those who want to hear the band will do so online anyway,” Livingstone continued. “And since no performer or composer receives a penny from any of these products, it has no impact that way. Still, it’s illustrative of the lack of care, oversight, respect for bands, respect for the buying public, and attention to vested legal rights that pervades this whole business.”

Additionally, Klub allegedly has decided not to release the CD of the Grade 1 Qualifying competition due to problems with the recording, according to sources. That competition was the topic of much discussion due to wide disparities in the judging.


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