July 31, 2008

Updated: Snare drummers also on tap at Lord of the Todd Challenge

After a successful 2007 debut, the invitational Lord of the Todd Challenge is once again being run, this time by Innovation, taking place at the Lord Todd Bar at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow on Monday, August 11, at 1 pm.
With £500 in cash & vouchers and a Premier drum at stake snare-, bass- and tenor-drummers will compete for audience appreciation. Bass drummer Steve Foley of the Grade 1 Los Angeles Scots Pipe Band was last year’s winner, and he will return to defend the title that he won with an outrageous show that perhaps only a southern Californian could pull off.
Snare drumming is an added element to the competition.
  • Kahlil Cappuccino (Canada)
  • Craig Colquhoun (Canada)
  • Steve Foley (USA)
  • Ken Maltman (Australia)
  • Neil Bruce (Scotland)
  • Andrew Elliott (Canada)
  • Ruaridh MacDonald (Canada)
  • James Marshall (Canada)
  • Ryan Barr (Canada)
  • Richard Baughman (USA)
  • Alistair Boyle (Australia)
  • Blair Brown (Canada)
  • Graham Brown (Canada)
  • Peter Hendrickson (Canada)
  • Jake Jorgensen (Denmark)
  • Nathan McLaren (Canada)
The winner of each section who was not the overall winner will receive a Premier drum for their efforts.
“We are delighted to bring together some of the game’s most talented entertainers to put on another afternoon of quality pipe band drumming in front of a unique beer tent style atmosphere during World’s week at Todd’s Bar,” said Scott Currie, an organizer of the competition. “Last year’s event was such a blast and the feedback from competitors and guests has been only positive. We can’t wait to see what’s in store this year after Steve Foley drew a line in the sand with ‘that’ performance!”
Further information is available from Innovation.




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