February 28, 2009

Updated: The Band Club (Sydney) reorganizes to become . . . The Band Club-Sydney Australia

The Grade 1 Band Club Sydney Pipe Band has declared that it will compete at the 2009 World Pipe Band Championships in Glasgow under its new name, “The Band Club-Sydney Australia,” which it has “officially registered,” according to Pipe-Major Scott Nicolson.
In December 2008, the band and its sponsor organization, St. Marys District Band Club Ltd., disagreed on the structure and objectives of the band, with the sponsors dismissing the band’s leadership and administrative committee. But the players remained together and have apparently parted ways with its former sponsor.
The Band Club-Sydney Australia is no longer connected with the St Marys District Band Club. Nicolson said that the St Marys District Band Club Limited Pipes & Drums will continue as a pipe band. 
The Band Club-Sydney Australia now lists McCallum Bagpipes of Kilmarnock, Scotland, as one of its sponsors.
“While we were happy with what we achieved in 2008, a review of our competition performances has led us to make some changes to our pipe setup,” Nicolson said. “We are confident this will noticeably improve our sound.”
The group also revealed that it has commissioned the design of a new “The Band Club” tartan, but is appealing to the pipe band world to loan them kilts or sponsor the cost of hiring kilts until the new ones are completed.
Nicolson added that the band’s drum section “remains strong and [is] working towards continued improvement in 2009.” The Band Club-Sydney Australia will make its first public performance in 2009 at the Victorian Drumming Recital in April.




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