January 31, 2006

Whitelaw wins Winter Storm Gold Medal

Kansas City, Missouri – January 13, 2006 – Ian Whitelaw of Redondo Beach, California, won the The Kansas City St. Andrew Society–Midwest Highland Arts Fund United States Gold Medal for piobaireachd at the first day of the annual Midwest Highland Arts Fund “Winter Storm” competitions held at the Marriott–County Club Plaza hotel. In the Silver Medal, Lyric Todkill of Houston was the winner, and Steven McWhirter of Northern Ireland won the snare drumming.

Gold Medal
1st Ian Whitelaw, “Nameless” (US$750 and half-silver-mounted Naill pipes)
2nd Ann Gray, Calgary, “MacKintosh of Borlum’s Salute” ($500)
3rd Jori Chisholm, Seattle, “Isabel MacKay” ($250)
Judges: John Cairns, Alasdair Gillies, Andrew Wright

Silver Medal
1st Lyric Todkill, “Duke of Atholl’s Salute” ($500, half-silver-mounted McCallum pipes, US Silver Medal)
2nd Matt Pantaleoni, St. Louis, “Battle of Strome” ($400 and blackwood McCallum solo chanter)
3rd Eric Ouellette, Coventry, Connecticut, “Weighing From Land” ($300 and blackwood McCallum solo chanter)
4th Doug MacRae, Houston, “The Chisholms’ Salute” ($200 and blackwood McCallum solo chanter)
5th Andrew Lee, Surrey, British Columbia, “Battle of Strome” ($100 and blackwood McCallum solo chanter
Judges: Mike Cusack, Stuart Liddell, Willie McCallum

Professional Snare Drumming
1st Steven McWhirter, Ballymena, Northern Ireland, ($750, Premier or Pearl snare drum, round trip air tickets from the US to Scotland, $500 travel allowance and Gold Medal)
2nd Richard Baughman, Brooklyn, New York ($500)
3rd Duncan Millar, Bellingham, Washington ($250)
Judges: John Fisher, Jim Kilpatrick, Barry Wilson

Professional Tenor Drumming
1st Michael O’Neil, Sacramento, California ($750, the Premier/Hosbilt tenor drum, Gold Medal)
2nd Andrew Elliott, Toronto ($500)
3rd Owen Sehon, St. Paul, Minnesota ($250)
Judges: Tyler Fry, Scott Currie, Norman MacLeod


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