April 30, 2010

With season started, LA Scots change lead-drummers; Baughman out, Kvidahl in

Although the competition season is underway for the Grade 1 Los Angeles Scots, it hasn’t prevented the band from making a substantial leadership change by dropping Lead-Drummer Richard Baughman and replacing him with long-time corps member Glenn Kvidahl.

The move came after the band’s participation in the Las Vegas Highland Games over the April 17-18 weekend, where it finished second to the reigning World Champions Simon Fraser University.

Following a request for comment, a statement from the band to pipes|drums said, “The Los Angeles Scots Pipe Band has replaced Richard Baughman as Drum-Sergeant and Glenn Kvidahl, a long time member of the drum corps, will be made Drum Sergeant effective immediately. We appreciate the effort and contributions Richard has made to the band over the past few years and wish him well moving forward in his pipe band endeavors. The balance of the drum corps line-up will remain relatively unchanged and the band still plans to compete in Northern Ireland and at the World’s this summer.”

The band described Kvidahl as “a major contributor to both the pipe and drum corps’s repertoire,” and said it looks forward to the future under his leadership.

About his new role with the band, Kvidahl said, “I joined the LA Scots in 2002 and have really enjoyed being a part of such a world class competitive band and organization. With almost all of the corps intact, and a few prospects for this season, we’re already working together to make this year the best ever for the drum corps.  [Pipe-Major] Colin [Armstrong] and I have worked on arranging music for the band for six years and have very similar goals for the bands overall performance and sound.  Being appointed drum-sergeant is a great opportunity and I’m looking forward to this coming season with the band.”

While “philosophical differences on the direction of the band that hit an impasse” were cited by the band as the reason for the change,” Baughman was less sanguine.


  1. Seems there is a lot more to this than what has been stated. This is the first time, from what I know, where a leader has publicly stated (article wise) that he is clearly not happy with what happned. Good for him stating his discontent and good job to P&D for reporting both sides. Good luck Richard, your services are clearly under-appreciated. Keep on doing your thing….

  2. This happened in my band many years ago. There is always resentment from the local band members that are always attending practice when people are flown in just to jump in and play. It’s especially frustrating when they are flown in and haven’t bothered to learn the music.

  3. Glen is an excellent talent on both the pipes and the drum, along with clever tune composing skills as well. This should prove very interesting, his energy level is 320% which you need if you’re going to participate in a world class competition and want to be a contender. Pity the heavy morning rain at the Worlds last year had a direct effect on the band’s placing, sometimes you can’t fight the conditions you are forced to play in. Lets all hope the dark clouds clear and the sun shines for everyone involved! 🙂

  4. Interesting side note: since returning to the Worlds as a grade one unit in 2007, Richards Drum Corps. have placed no lower than 9th in the qualifier, including a 1st in the qualifier in his first year as the lead tip at the Worlds. Probably doesn’t mean much, but hopefully this works out great for both parties. Richard! We can always use drummers in Florida.

  5. I doubt there will ever be a guy that is more dedicated to the LA Scots than GleNN (two N’s everybody) Kvidahl. He really does seem to care about the band and I hope he’s treated properly. Here’s to good music! Go Hoosiers.



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