November 30, 2009

World Champion Bass-Section trophy up for grabs

The world’s pipers and drummers will once again help to choose the World’s Best Bass-Section trophy by casting their vote via democratic poll.
Since the RSPBA eliminated after the 2007 season the award for Best Bass-Sections at the World Championship, the awarding of the Hosbilt Trophy was decided by the magazine’s readers, with the 2008 prize going to the mid-section of the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band.
The 14 bands from the 2009 World’s Grade 1 Final competition are eligible.
For this year’s award, Colquhoun will have input on selecting the ultimate winner from the sections that finish in the top-six in voting. Deadline for voting is 18:00 GMT, Saturday, December 5th.
The RSPBA did not return the actual original trophy to sponsor Craig Colquhoun, so he created an altogether new one, which was presented to SFU after the band’s section was chosen last year.
In addition to holding the trophy for one year, the winner of this year’s competition will also receive a set of Hosbilt slings for the winning corps’s tenor drummers.
Those wishing to review performances may still do so by accessing online video of the bands at BBC Scotland’s World Pipe Band Championship micro-site.
Despite a petition signed by hundreds of concerned pipers and drummers, the RSPBA’s Music Board earlier this year rejected an appeal to bring back the best bass-section awards.


  1. Ruh roh, here we go with the offending/offendee stuff again. I think that, now more than ever, some folks need to re-read the [brilliant] September, 2008 By the Left”



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