December 05, 2016

A p|d subscription: the positive gift!

Unless it’s to a greedy pipe-major or leading-drummer, why give 12 drummers drumming or 11 pipers piping when, if you were a real true love, you could give a far more useful and realistic present to that special piper or drummer in your life?

Give a gift subscription to pipes|drums Magazine!

We offer an easy way for those looking for a last-minute special something for that special someone, with delivery right on Christmas Day, or whatever day you prefer.

What’s more (or less, as the case may be), at only $14.99 (about £8.50) for an entire year of access to both subscriber-only and free content on pipes|drums, that’s an incredible four cents a day.

Isn’t your piper/drummer BFF worth four cents a day?

And a two-year subscription of $24.99 (£14.80) works out to astounding value of only three cents per day!

To send your gift, simply go to our Gift Subscription page, fill out the quick form, and designate when you would like your own gift email message to be delivered to your lucky piper, drummer or piping and drumming enthusiast.

You can be extra proud of your savvy choice knowing that pipes|drums is nonprofit, meaning we don’t pocket a nickel from the whole endeavor. We not peddling lessons or merchandise, and we are completely independent of any pipe band association. All subscription and advertising income is plowed back into the operation or donated to worthwhile nonprofit piping and drumming causes.

So show your favourite piper, drummer or enthusiast that you really care about their art, with a gift subscription to pipes|drums, and make a positive difference!




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