July 20, 2021

Ainsley Hart, Part 2 – our conversation with Pipe Bands Australia’s president continues

We conclude our exclusive conversation with Pipe Bands Australia President Ainsley Hart with Part 2 of the frank overview of his work putting the country’s association of associations on more solid ground.

In this installment, Hart, who took over the post in November 2020, elaborates on the post-pandemic role of piping and drumming associations, with far less emphasis on simply running competitions.

The traditional roles of contest promoters are certainly diminishing. Post-pandemic, that’s only going at accelerate. The whole dynamic of what the association does is going to have to shift. – Ainsley Hart

We also delve into Australia’s distance from the Scottish mothership being both a challenge and an advantage. It’s clear that Hart is ready, willing, and able to try new initiatives rather than simply aping others or replicating the past.

He also discusses the change towards a more open and honest Australian scene, with members encouraged to share their thoughts and ask questions.


Our thanks to Ainsley Hart for taking the time to share his thoughts so freely with pipes|drums.

Only through asking questions and open dialog can expect to get the information we need.

What do you think? Be sure to use our comments feature to post your thoughts and questions.



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