June 22, 2016

Alastair Lee hits right chord at Coquitlam

Alastair Lee on guitar at another event.

Coquitlam, British Columbia – June 18, 2016 – It was a one-band Grade 1 performance at a rainy and cool BC Highland Games & Scottish Festival, with Dowco Triumph Street unable to attend due mainly to the band’s attendance at the UK Championships at Belfast the previous week. But 116 solo contestants and 13 bands made the event with Greighlan Crossing winning the Grade 3 competition. Alastair Lee was the overall winner in the Open Solo Piping. The Open Snare Drumming aggregate was won by Grant Maxwell, and Zephan Knichel won the Open Piobaireachd, held the night before. At the closing ceremony, the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band performed a rendition of Leonard Cohen’s classic song “Hallelujah” accompanied by pipers Zachary Read on vocals and keyboard and Lee on guitar.

Grade 1
(one played)
1st Simon Fraser University

1st Simon Fraser University

Grade 2 (one played)
1st Robert Malcolm Memorial II

1st Robert Malcolm Memorial II

Grade 3 (MSR)
1st Greighlan Crossing
2nd Robert Malcolm Memorial III
3rd Van Isle Caledonia
Drumming: Greighlan Crossing

Grade 4 (medley)
1st Keith Highlanders
2nd Northwest Junior
3rd Portland Metro Youth
4th Greater Victoria Police
5th Kamloops
6th White Spot
Drumming: Keith Highlanders

Grade 5 (quick marches set)
1st Robert Malcolm Memorial V
2nd Robert Malcolm Memorial Novice
Drumming: Robert Malcolm Memorial V

Open Solo Piping
(held June 17th)
1st Zephan Knichel
2nd John Lee
3rd Kevin McLean
4th Andrew Lee
5th Alastair Lee
6th Liam Hilder
Judge: Bob Worrall

1st Alastair Lee
2nd Jori Chisholm
3rd Andrew Lee
4th Zephan Knichel
5th John Lee
6th Zachary Read
Judge: James W. Troy

Hornpipe & Jig
1st Alastair Lee
2nd Robert Bruce
3rd Zachary Read
4th Jori Chisholm
5th Kevin McLean
6th Zephan Knichel
Judge: Ann Gray

Open Solo Snare Drumming
1st Grant Maxwell
2nd Eric MacNeill
Judge: Glen Kvidahl

Hornpipe & Jig
1st Grant Maxwell
2nd Eric MacNeill
Judge: Tano Martone




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