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Published: August 1, 2017
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Though there has been no official announcement by either BBC Scotland or the RSPBA, pipes|drums has confirmed that the Grade 1 arena events at the World Pipe Band Championships will be livestreamed on both Friday, August 11th, and Saturday, August 12th, alleviating any doubt.

Sources close to the event have said that the broadcasts will take on largely the same format as before, with BBC Scotland personality Jackie Bird and pipe band adjudicator Bob Worrall providing colour commentary.

Over the years, the free livestream has become so good that many around the world hold viewing parties, often starting in the wee hours of the morning. Drinking games have also been developed, viewers listening for certain familiar phrases uttered by Worrall.

Photo: pipes|drums

The Friday broadcast will comprise Grade 1 bands from two heats competing in their qualifying round in the main arena. Saturday will see the entirety of the Grade 1 final consisting of 12 bands, as well as the march past and awards, which last year carried on until after 8 pm GMT.

The broadcast has commercial-free, as is the BBC’s policy, and is supported by UK citizens who pay an annual license fee for the various BBC television, radio and online properties. In order to carry a major live music event like the World Pipe Band Championships, businesses are required to pay significant licenses to livestream or otherwise broadcast the content to various rights-holders.


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  1. 4merDrummer

    Thank you for letting us know. The BBC and Bob Worrall do a great job, and we really look forward to that broadcast.

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