October 04, 2020

Calum Brown wins all five top piping events in Shotts online solos

Calum Brown, in a 2019 photo.

The Internet – October 4, 2020 – Calum Brown of Aberdeen, Scotland, swept all five Open 18 and Older piping events in the annual Shotts & Dykehead Caledonia Solo Competitions, held online due to the COVID-19 crisis. There was a large entry from all over the world for myriad events over numerous grades in each category of piping and drumming.

In the Open 18 and Older Solo Snare Drumming, a creative Fanfare event was held and won by Ewan McDonald. Players had to perform a two-to-five-minute selection that allowed overdubbed audio and video, and was “judged both on technical merit of the snare drumming and on creativity and entertainment value as well.”

Open 18 Years and Older
1st Calum Brown
2nd John Dew, Glasgow
3rd Scott Armstrong, Auckland, New Zealand
4th Brad Davidson, Waterloo, Ontario
5th Luke Kennedy, Strathaven, Scotland
6th Fraser Allison

1st Calum Brown
2nd Scott Wallace
3rd Jonathon Simpson, Bo’ness, Scotland
4th Luke Kennedy
5th John Dew
6th Ciaren Ross, Glasgow

Strathspey & Reel
1st Calum Brown
2nd Jonathon Simpson
3rd John Dew
4th Scott Wallace
5th Ciaren Ross
6th Luke Kennedy

Hornpipe & Jig
1st Calum Brown
2nd Ruaridh Brown
3rd John Dew
4th Jonathon Simpson
5th Ross Miller
6th Dan Nevans, Glasgow

1st Calum Brown
2nd Jonathon Simpson
3rd Brieuc Colleter, Brittany
4th Fraser Allison
5th Luke Kennedy
6th Dan Pisowloski, Caterbury, Connecticut

Open 18 Years and Older
1st Kerr McQuillan, Glasgow
2nd Alex Kuldell, Falls Church, Virginia
3rd Fionn North Murphy, Airdrie, Scotland
4th Guy Kellas, Edinburgh
5th Daniel Mulcahy, Crieff, Scotland
6th Ewan McDonald, Strahaven, Scotland

Hornpipe & Jig
1st Alex Kuldell
2nd Kerr McQuillan
3rd Kes Kunse
4th Tangi Le Boucher, Brittany
5th Ewan McDonald
6th Daniel Mulcahy

1st Ewan McDonald
2nd Omri Kleinepier, Vlissingen, Netherlands

18 Years and Older
1st Shannon Davies
2nd Andrea Jackson
3rd Eilidh Ferries
4th Jacqueline Terence
5th Laurie-Anne Boschman
6th Erin McRobbie

Hornpipe & Jig
1st Andrea Jackson
2nd Eilidh Ferries
3rd Laurie-Anne Boschman

Bass (MSR)
1st Johnny Rowe, Hamilton, Ontario
2nd Fergus Bryce, Glasgow
3rd David Zimmerman, Minneapolis
4th Errin McIlwaine, Bangor, Northern Ireland
5th Sarah Hamza, Melbourne
6th Drew Ellis, Brantford, Ontario




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