February 28, 2009

Cap Caval captures half of Breton Championship

Brest, Brittany – February 7, 2009 – Bagad Cap Caval won won the first half of the 2009 Breton Bagad Championships, taking first in piping, bombards, percussion, second in ensemble and third in drumming. The second half of the championship will be held in Lorient on August 1st during the Festival Interceltique.
Bagad Cap Caval performs at the Breton Championships, part 1, at Brest.
Cap Caval won the Breton Championships in 2008, as well as Grade 2 at the World Pipe Band Championships. The band was upgraded to Grade 1 by the RSPBA following the 2008 season.
1st Cap Caval (26 points)
2nd Auray (32)
3rd Quimper (53)
4th Briec (55)
5th Quimperlé (85)
6th St. Nazaire (88)
7th Perros Guirec (89)
8th Pontivy (90)
9th St. Malo (105)
10th Moulin Vert (116)
11th Vannes (118)
12th Beuzec (122)
13th Guingamp (129)
14th Penhars (133)


  1. Just when I thought how cool it would be to play Cajone with the pipes of any kind, here they are with 5 OF THEM ON STAGE!!!!!!!!!! The greatest Concert bass drummer on Earth playing her wall. Great melody/harmony sections. Man, that idiom is so far ahead of Scottish Pipe Bands, it’s Crazy. LOVE IT! HOSS



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