September 05, 2015

Chisholm on top at Braemar

Jori Chisholm with his Braemar hardware.

Braemar, Scotland – September 5, 2015 – Jori Chisholm of Seattle was the overall winner of the J. Colin MacKenzie Challenge Shield at the Royal Braemar Highland Games, winning both light music events. Gordon McCready of Renfrew, Scotland, won the piobaireachd competition and the gold medal for it. Weather cold and windy and temperatures never got above 10 degrees, but there was no rain. The event had the usual strong attendance by non-Scottish contestants, and Chisholm also received the Braemar Silver Medal for best “overseas” piper.

Piobaireachd (23 competed)
1st Gordon McCready
2nd Nick Hudson, Pittsburgh
3rd John-Angus Smith, London
4th Innes Smith, Bridge of Allan, Scotland
5th Andrew Lee, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
6th Ed McIlwaine, Vancouver
Judges: Malcolm McRae, Robert Wallace, Duncan Watson

Light Music (28 competed)
March (Pipe-Major Jimmy McGregor Cup)
1st Jori Chisholm
2nd Ashley McMichael
3rd Craig Muirhead, Glasgow
4th Ursa Beckford, Maine, USA
5th Greig Canning, Edinburgh
6th Nick Hudson
Judges: Jimmy Banks, Stuart Samson, Andrew Wright

Strathspey & Reel (Walter Drysdale Trophy)
1st Jori Chisholm
2nd Eric Ouellette, Syracuse, New York
3rd Ashley McMichael
4th Graham Mulholland, Dunkeld, Scotland
5th Andrew Lee
6th Gordon McCready
Judges: Jimmy Banks, Stuart Samson, Andrew Wright




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