September 06, 2015

Cold wind but sunny at popular Blairgowrie

Eric Ouellette. [Photo: Mike MacNintch]
Blairgowrie, Scotland – September 6, 2015 – There was the usual strong entry for the Blairgowrie Highland Games, organized again by Murray Henderson and his team. Conditions were dry and sunny but with a cold wind. Results were scattered across the events, which adhered to Competing Pipers Association gradings. Eric Ouellette of Syracuse, New York, had overall the best day with a first and a second in the open events.

1st Ed McIlwaine, Vancouver
2nd Darach Urquhart, Glasgow
3rd David Wilton, Glasgow
4th Jenny Hazzard, Edinburgh
Judge: Andrew Wright

1st Greig Canning, Edinburgh
2nd Eric Ouellette, Syracuse, New York, USA
3rd Ashley McMichael, Belfast
4th Kris Coyle, Belfast
Judges: Jimmy Banks, Ian Duncan

Strathspey & Reel
1st Eric Ouellette
2nd Ashley McMichael
3rd Ross Millar
4th Kris Coyle
Judges: Jimmy Banks, Ian Duncan

CPA B-Grade
1st Nick Hudson, Pittsburgh
2nd Ashley McMichael
3rd Eric Ouellette
4th Greig Canning
5th Ross Millar
Judges: Colin MacLellan, Douglas Murray

CPA C-Grade
1st Lachie Dick, Edinburgh
2nd Kaitlin Kimove
3rd Jonathon Simpson
4th John MacDonald
5th Ben Mulhearn
Judges: Patricia Henderson, Iain Speirs

1st Jonathon Simpson
2nd Andrew Gray
3rd John MacDonald
4th Ben Mulhearn
Judges: Patricia Henderson, Iain Speirs, Andrew Wright

Strathspey & Reel
1st Jonathon Simpson
2nd John MacDonald
3rd Christopher Ross
4th Edward Gaul
Judges: Patricia Henderson, Iain Speirs, Andrew Wright

Do you have contest results? Feel free to send by email, along with a photo or two, so that we can share your glory with the entire piping and drumming world.




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