Cold wind but sunny at popular Blairgowrie

Published: September 6, 2015
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Eric Ouellette. [Photo: Mike MacNintch]

Blairgowrie, Scotland – September 6, 2015 – There was the usual strong entry for the Blairgowrie Highland Games, organized again by Murray Henderson and his team. Conditions were dry and sunny but with a cold wind. Results were scattered across the events, which adhered to Competing Pipers Association gradings. Eric Ouellette of Syracuse, New York, had overall the best day with a first and a second in the open events.

1st Ed McIlwaine, Vancouver
2nd Darach Urquhart, Glasgow
3rd David Wilton, Glasgow
4th Jenny Hazzard, Edinburgh
Judge: Andrew Wright

1st Greig Canning, Edinburgh
2nd Eric Ouellette, Syracuse, New York, USA
3rd Ashley McMichael, Belfast
4th Kris Coyle, Belfast
Judges: Jimmy Banks, Ian Duncan

Strathspey & Reel
1st Eric Ouellette
2nd Ashley McMichael
3rd Ross Millar
4th Kris Coyle
Judges: Jimmy Banks, Ian Duncan

CPA B-Grade
1st Nick Hudson, Pittsburgh
2nd Ashley McMichael
3rd Eric Ouellette
4th Greig Canning
5th Ross Millar
Judges: Colin MacLellan, Douglas Murray

CPA C-Grade
1st Lachie Dick, Edinburgh
2nd Kaitlin Kimove
3rd Jonathon Simpson
4th John MacDonald
5th Ben Mulhearn
Judges: Patricia Henderson, Iain Speirs

1st Jonathon Simpson
2nd Andrew Gray
3rd John MacDonald
4th Ben Mulhearn
Judges: Patricia Henderson, Iain Speirs, Andrew Wright

Strathspey & Reel
1st Jonathon Simpson
2nd John MacDonald
3rd Christopher Ross
4th Edward Gaul
Judges: Patricia Henderson, Iain Speirs, Andrew Wright

Do you have contest results? Feel free to send by email, along with a photo or two, so that we can share your glory with the entire piping and drumming world.

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Pipers should avoid memorizing their music until the tune can be played from start to finish, fluidly, without error and at full speed. Once you memorize your music, it will become your reference every time you play. If your memory of the music has flaws in it, through repetition, you will permanently cement these flaws in your playing. Memorization is similar to the wood stain that would be added when building a bookcase – it would be the final touch to a finished product.
John Cairns, London, Ontario