Published: August 26, 2017

Dicker, Simpson, Greenlees, MacHattie at Birnam

Jacob Dicker

Birnam, Scotland – August 26, 2017 – Twenty competitors turned out for the Birnam Games in a sunny day, warm for Scotland. Prizes were scattered with Ontario’s Jacob Dicker and Scotland’s Jonathon Simpson enjoying the best overall results, and Simpson taking the Overall Best Piper trophy. Calum Wynd was awarded the Most Improved Piper trophy.

1st Jacob Dicker, Ottawa
2nd Ursa Beckford, Maine
3rd Ben McClamrock, Washington, DC
4th Jonathon Simpson
5th Calum Wynd
Judges: Robert Barnes, Gordon Clark

1st Jonathon Simpson
2nd Jonathan Greenlees, Glasgow
3rd James MacHattie, Summerside, Prince Edward Island
4th Andrew Lewis
5th Bobby Durning, Massachusetts
Judge: Barry Donaldson

Strathspey & Reel
1st Jonathan Greenlees
2nd Jonathon Simpson
3rd Andrew Donlon, Germantown, Maryland
4th Jacob Dicker
5th Graham Mulholland
Judge: Barry Donaldson

1st James MacHattie
2nd Bobby Durning
3rd Andrew Lewis
4th Jacob Dicker
5th Graham Mulholland
Judge: Ronnie Clark


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