March 14, 2016

Drummond, Henderson, Bailie win £1k prizes at CWC

Copenhagen – March 12, 2016 – The revamped Copenhagen Winter Competitions returned after a year’s hiatus, offering first-prizes of approximately £1,000 to each winner in the solo piping, solo snare drumming and solo tenor drumming events, probably the biggest monetary prizes in solo piping and drumming. Fifty-seven competed across all events, representing players from seven different countries.

Prize-winners at the 2016 Copenhagen Winter Competitions: Snare drumming (L-R): Louise Overgaard, Anders Jensen, John Henderson. Piping: contest chairman, Bernard Bouhadana (L) and winner Graham Drummund. Tenor drumming (l-R): Marie Vinter, Cameron Dunsmore-Bennett and Jordan Bailie.

Solo Piping
1st Graham Drummond, Scotland
2nd Anna Kummerlöw, Germany
3rd Gavin Hardie, Finland
Judge: Michael Grey

Solo Snare Drumming
1st John Henderson, Scotland
2nd Louise Overgaard, Denmark
3rd Anders Jensen, Denmark
Judge: Stephen Creighton

Solo Tenor Drumming
1st Jordan Bailie, Scotland
2nd Cameron Dunsmore-Bennett, Denmark
3rd Marie Vinther, Denmark.
Judge: Tim Djursing

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