Ferguson wins six firsts at Kintyre Juniors

Published: April 9, 2017
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Campbeltown, Scotland – Apil 8, 2017 – Andrew Ferguson of Dollar, Scotland, won six first prizes, possibly a record for any solo piping competition, at the annual Kintyre Piping Society Junior Piping Championship held. For his success in the ages 15-17 category, Ferguson received the McCallum Memorial Cup and the Pipe-Major John D. Burgess Medal. In the Under 15 events, Hazel Whyte of Larkhall, Scotland, took the overall, winning the Pipe-Major Ronald McCallum MBE Shield and the Royal Scottish Pipers’ Society Bronze Star.

Andrew Ferguson and Hazel Whyte, overall winners of the 15-17 and Under 15 solo piping at the annual Kintyre Piping Society Junior Championship.

Ages 15-17
(Campbell Challenge Cup)
1st Andrew Ferguson
2nd Jamie Niall Campbell, Stachur, Scotland
3rd Cameron McLeod, Bearsden, Scotland

MSR (Netta McGougan Memorial Trophy)
1st Andrew Ferguson
2nd Jamie Niall Campbell
3rd Cameron McLeod

March (Kintyre Piping Society Trophy)
1st Andrew Ferguson
2nd Jamie Niall Campbell
3rd Cameron McLeod

Strathspey & Reel (Charles Bowen Cup)
1st Andrew Ferguson
2nd Cameron McLeod
3rd Jamie Niall Campbell

Hornpipe & Jig (Pipe-Major Willie Wilson Cup)
1st Andrew Ferguson
2nd Jamie Niall Campbell
3rd Cameron McLeod

2 x 2/4 Marches (Hector MacNeill M.A.Cup)
1st Andrew Ferguson
2nd Jamie Niall Campbell
3rd Rebecca Anne Paterson, Strachur, Scotland

Under 15
(Dr. Flora MacAulay Cup)
1st Ross Conner, Campbeltown, Scotland
2nd Hazel Whyte
3rd Calum McKillop, Campbeltown, Scotland

2 x 2/4 Marches (Margaret McCallum Memorial Cup)
1st Hazel Whyte
2nd Calum McKillop
3rd Ross Conner, Campbeltown, Scotland

March (George C. Halbert Shield)
1st Hazel Whyte
2nd Ross Conner
3rd Calum McKillop

Strathspey & Reel (Archibald Johnston Memorial Cup)
1st Ross Conner
2nd Hazel Whyte
3rd Calum McKillop

Slow Air
(Campbell McGougan Trophy)
1st Calum McKillop
2nd Hazel Whyte
3rd Murray O’May, Kippen, Scotland

(Dugald McShannon Cup)
1st Andrew Renton, Campbeltown, Scotland
2nd Matthew McKerral, Campbeltown, Scotland
3rd Gregor Campbell, Glenbarr, Scotland
4th Christopher McCartan, Lochgilphead, Scotland
5th Eve MacMillan, Southend, Scotland

Chanter 11-14 (Pipe-Major J. M. MacKenzie Cup)
1st Euan O’May, Campbeltown, Scotland
2nd Jack Campbell, Campbeltown, Scotland
3rd Erin Cameron, Campbeltown, Scotland
4th Jamie Colville, Campbeltown, Scotland

Chanter 10 & Under (Royal Celtic Society Cup)
1st William McLean, Kilkenzie, Scotland
2nd Calum McAllister, Campbeltown, Scotland
3rd Aidan Brodie, Campbeltown, Scotland
4th Grace Emily McTaggart, Campbeltown, Scotland

Got results? Key them in using the format above, include judges, a photo or two, and any other details, and email them to us. We’ll share them with the piping and drumming world!

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