February 28, 2020

Friday Fun: TuneNamer and BandNamer offer hours of unsurpassed joy

Most readers check out pipes|drums most for News, Results, Features, Interviews, Reviews and Opinion pieces.

But some might not know of our Community section, and area of the online magazine where readers can access all kinds of things.

Two of the funnest features are BandNamer and TuneNamer.

With each, you simply click to auto-generate usually silly and sometimes, um, irreverent, ideas for real and fictional new bands or compositions after you’ve created the thing but are stuck on what to call it.

Here are some randomized names for bands using BandNamer:

  • “The 106th Brown Hose”
  • “The Silver MacDonald Brigade”
  • “The Olive Blue Sgian Dubh Grannies”

And a few we created just now for possible tune titles:

  • “Cheerio Clumsy Planks”
  • “Goodbye Rainy Sassenachs”
  • “Wretched Chanters”

We can just imagine a piper submitting her tunes to the judge: “My jigs are, ‘Center’s Bonnet,’ ‘Donella Beaton,’ and ‘Farting Funny Zits.'”

We know of at least two published tunes with titles generated using TuneNamer. True story. We’ll leave it to you to guess what they are.

And a few existing bands with pretty lame names might be re-energized with a unique and delightful new name courtesy of BandNamer.

So, have a bit of fun on pipes|drums on what is for many one of the last weekends of the year not filled up with most serious piping and drumming stuff!







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