July 30, 2014

From Winnipeg, a patented new twist on chanter-tuning

the McCallum Mark 3 design and only modified to fit my mechanical design. The best part about this is that most reeds work very well in the chanter, but I certainly have found ridge cut reeds to work the best. I am currently using G1 reeds and experiencing great sound from them.”

One of the original prototypes.

On the proverbial dinner napkin the first conceptual drawing was made in 2004, and multi-national patents were granted in 2006.

Two versions of the chanter are currently available for order, but only in plastic material, including standard band chanters and concert pitch chanters in Bb. He added that the device “could work its way into any chanter, including smallpipes.”

Two bands are actively using the chanter: Campbell’s own Grade 3 Winnipeg Police Pipe Band and the Grade 4 Conservatory Pipe Band of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Campbell is confident in the long-term success of his ingenious device: “In the end, this is a unique and completely eye catching product that will change the face of piping – it’s just a matter of time. It always draws great interest every time I have shown it to anyone and offered them to play it over the past 10 years.”

The chanters are currently available to purchase for US$240 each directly from Campbell’s website, as well as from McCallum Bagpipes.




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