Glam-rock back in style at Birnam

Published: September 2, 2015
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Ben McClamrock

Birnam, Scotland – August 29, 2015 – Dunkeld Park near Perth was again the venue for the annual Birnam Highland Games, which attracted a decent entry of about 20, with many non-Scots in the senior solo piping hoping to boost their grading with the Competing Pipers Association and thus gain entry to the major gatherings. Chris Armstrong of Airth, Scotland, had the overall best day, even though Ben McClamrock of Baltimore won both the Piobaireachd and Strathspey & Reel events. First prize in each contest was £40.

1st Ben McClamrock
2nd Andrew Wright, Dundee, Scotland
3rd Ursa Beckford, Maine
4th Graham Mulholland, Dunkeld, Scotland
5th Jonathan Greenlees, Glasgow
Judges: Gordon Clark, Ronnie Clark

1st Eric Ouellette, Syracuse, New York
2nd Chris Armstrong
3rd Nick Hudson, Pittsburgh
4th Greig Canning, Edinburgh
5th Jori Chisholm, Seattle
Judges: George Lumsden, Andrew Wright

Strathspey & Reel
1st Ben McClamrock
2nd Chris Armstrong
3rd Nick Hudson
4th Eric Ouellette
5th Ursa Beckford
Judges: George Lumsden, Andrew Wright

1st Darach Urquhart, Glasgow
2nd Dan Lyden, Maryland
3rd Chris Armstrong
4th Eric Ouellette
5th Ursa Beckford
Judge: Robert Barnes

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