Published: August 31, 2009

Good Crieff: Kessler and McIntyre take the firsts

Crieff, Scotland – August 16, 2009 – Willie McIntyre of Edinburgh and Martin Kessler, Germany, came in first in the two senior events at the Crieff Highland Games.
1st Martin Kessler, Germany
2nd Jamie Forrester, London
3rd Allan Johnstone, Glasgow
4th Allan Russell, Kelty, Scotland
5th PM Alasdair Gillies, Pittsburgh
Judges: Andrew Wright, Ronald Clark
1st Willie McIntyre, Edinburgh
2nd Alasdair Gillies
3rd Allan Russell
4th Alexis Meunier, Brittany
5th Michaell Gray, Edinburgh
Judges: Sandy Spence, David Hutton
Under 18
1st Connor Sinclair
2nd George Stewart
3rd Andrew Clark
4th Craig Sutherland
5th Andrew Gray
Judge: Andrew Frater
1st George Stewart
2nd Keith Christie
3rd Connor Sinclair
4th Brendon Culver
5th Craig Sutherland
Judge: Andrew Frater


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