August 17, 2013

(HD video) Buchan takes Grade 2 as 2013 World’s Day 1 sees winners and finalists decided in very mixed weather

Glasgow – August 17, 2013 – The first day of the two-day 2013 World Pipe Band Championships saw several grades decided as well as the qualifying bands for the Grade 1 Final on Sunday. Buchan Peterson from Aberdeen, Scotland, won the Grade 2 competition in an MSR Final determined earlier in the day by a Medley qualifying round in two heats. There were massive separations in the rankings between judges in the Grade 2 final; for example, St. Thomas Alumni receiving a first and a tenth in piping.

In Grade 1, the following bands qualified after each playing in heats comprising own-choice MSR and Medley to compete in the Sunday Final: Boghall & Bathgate, Field Marshal Montgomery, ScottishPower, Simon Fraser University, St. Laurence O’Toole, Greater Glasgow Police Scotland, Shotts & Dykehead, Canterbury Caledonia Society, Inveraray & District, Cullybackey, Mannawatu Scottish, and Dowco-Triumph Street. Qualifying bands must compete on Sunday with the MSR and Medley that they didn’t play on Saturday.

Weather was horrendous in the morning for some bands and glorious for others. Those playing between 9 and 11:30 am were hit the hardest.

Grade 2 (MSR, 12 competed in Final, 22 total)
1st Buchan Peterson (5,2,2,2)
2nd Lomond & Clyde (3,9,1,1)
3rd New York Metro (4,5,3,8)
4th Glasgow Skye Association (2,7,8,4)
5th St. Thomas Alumni (1,10,4,7)
6th Bleary & District (6,4,7,9)
Drumming: Lomond & Clyde

Judges: Harry Stevenson, William Garrett (piping); Ciaran Mordaunt (drumming); Joe Noble (ensemble)

Also making the Grade 2 Final were Bleary, Cullen, Manorcunningham, McKenzie Caledonian, Police Service Northern Ireland, Scottish Fire & Rescue, and University of Bedforshire


  1. Are those harmonies in the reel!? Judging was all over the place in this one. Can’t wait to hear some of the other performances in Gr II. Tremendous divide between the top grade and grade II. There is plenty of room for a level in between. Perhaps time to re-visit the “premier grade” concept that was bantered about a few years ago.

  2. Innocent question: Is there any sort of post review process in place? I am asking specifically about the grade 2 final results? As a judge, I fully understand and appreciate the distinct possibility of one judge “catching” something and the other judge missing the error. Still, in fairness to all concerned and recognizing that all humans are subject to making mistakes, there are times when results should be “reviewed”. At the very least, strong consideration should be given to expanding the number of judges at major events such as a world pipe band championship. Having four piping, three snare and three ensemble and throwing out the high and low scores for each category might be a good compromise. Just asking????



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