August 18, 2013

(HD video) Field Marshal Montgomery: 2013 World Champions

Glasgow – August 18, 2013 – Field Marshal Montgomery emerged 2013 World Pipe Band Champions after a 12-band Final competition that comprised Medley and MSR events. The weather on Sunday was a mixture of sun, rain and very windy conditions that at times proved extremely challenging for several bands. It was the third consecutive World’s title for Field Marshal Montgomery and the band’s first-ever win of the World Pipe Band Drumming prize.The band won both the MSR and the Medley. With the World’s spread over two days, the prize-giving ceremony was quick, and the event was done and dusted by 6:45 pm.

Grade 1 Overall (12 competed, 24 total)
1st Field Marshal Montgomery
2nd Boghall & Bathgate
3rd ScottishPower
4th Simon Fraser University
5th St. Laurence O’Toole
6th Inveraray & District

Drumming: Overall Field Marshal Montgomery; MSR: Boghall & Bathgate; Medley: Field Marshal Montgomery

Also in the final, in order of their finish, were Greater Glasgow Police Scotland, Shotts & Dykehead, Manawatu Scottish, Dowco-Triumph Street, Canterbury Caledonian, and Cullybackey.

Grade 3A (12 competed, 23 total)
1st Colburn IOR
2nd City of Edinburgh
3rd Antsburgh
4th Ballybriest
5th Killean
6th IF Waddington Halton

Drumming:Colburn IOR
Judges: Sam Young, Nat Russell (piping); Greg Dinsdale (drumming); David Clark (ensemble)

Juvenile (nine competed)
1st St. Andrew’s College
2nd George Watson’s College
3rd Dollar Academy
4th George Herriott’s School
5th Kintyre Schools
6th Oban High School

Drumming:St. Andrew’s College
Judges: John Moles, John Wilson (piping); Sandy Steele (drumming); Malcolm MacKenzie (ensemble)

Grade 4B (15 competed, 66 total in three heats)
1st West Coast Highlanders
2nd 68th Dundee Boys Brigade
3rd St. Patrick’s Bangdon
4th Letterkenny & District
5th City of Newcastle
6th Vale of Clyde

Drumming: West Coast Highlanders
Judges: Jim Semple, George Wilson (piping); Alistair Aitken (drumming); Denver Cardwell (ensemble)

Novice Juvenile
1st George Watson’s College
2nd George Herriott’s School
3rd North Lanarkshire School
4th Boghall & Bathgate Caledonia
5th Dollar Academy
6th Mackenzie Caledonia Juvenile

Drumming: George Watson’s College
Judges: Jennifer Hutcheon, Gordon Lawrie (piping); Joe Noble (drumming); Trevor Dear (ensemble)


  1. I have said it for years, God is an Ulsterman….and he shined upon his own when it really mattered!!! Congrats FMMPB…the spike is back in NI on Richard Parkes’ mantelpiece where it belongs, a sight made even sweeter by the sight of Keith Orr wearing the sash!! Surely it’s about time that MBE was upgraded to a knighthood! Richard Parkes really is the best pipe major the world has ever seen. Not taking anything away from Strathclyde, but Strathclyde didn’t win their haul in an era with so much competition, and so tough a competition. 3 in a row, 9 in total, and 2 Grand Slams, with a shot at a 3rd. They are the greatest, and we are watching history…

  2. I know the 2 day format has some issues, but if this format results in the level of play I heard today, it certainly has merit. Finest Grade 1 Medley contest I’ve ever heard. While FMM was the clear winner, any of 3 or 4 of the other bands could have taken 2nd. So enjoyable!

  3. to be fair to the majority of FMM, there seemed to be only one lad giving it ott celebrations and he maycor may not regret it at a later stage. Was nice to see Messer Parks seem genuinly happy, the well deserved 3 in a row clearly meant a lot to him

  4. If I was to ever be on the field and my band just won the Worlds – I would lose my mind! We all know how much hard work/dedication it takes to get to that level. I would be laughing/crying/screaming as you just conquered one of the greatest feats in piping! I think the celebrations are getting crazier due to how much harder bands have to work now to win. I will probably never feel what its like to win there in my lifetime, I can only imagine!

  5. Lawrie, I take on board what you say regarding StrathPol. Fair point, we are comparing apples and oranges, two different beasts. Although I have it on good authority, from people who have lived through both era’s that the current sound produced is of such quality, and richness, that the present day would triumph over any other era in history. But as they say, opinions are like a**holes; everyone has one. With regards the celebrations that ensue following the announcements…they are becoming ever more exuberant, but I don’t think any band ever sets out to rub others noses in it. The pure release of unbridled joy happens at that single moment when they hear that first syllable of their name called out. I don’t know if you noticed, but one fmm piper can be seen in pictures, rather nonchalantly standing, smirking away to himself with a grin…some could say his reaction was smug. Maybe it was no surprise to him, maybe he didn’t rate the competition all the much and expected to hear his band called out as winners….who knows? The reaction of the winning band has almost become part of thing. The manic showing of joy at that time could be said to a nod to their competitors, that they managed to beat such tough opposition. One knee slide and look to the sky on becoming a world champion is nothing, when you think footballers(soccer players) do it week in week out if front of their opposition when they score… God forbid the day when the winning goal at Ibrox is celebrated with a nonchalant clap… We’ll maybe worry about the extent of the celebrations if they start running round The Green waving their kilts above their heads…until then, give it stacks!

  6. I must say that the winner¡¯s on-field celebrations are getting a little bit over-the-top and, DARE I SAY IT, somewhat disrespectful these days. There seems to be a slight escalation each year. It is probably more relief than anything for bands that are expected to win. It is one thing to be overjoyed and to express it, however it is another thing to run around like a headless chicken, often right in the faces of the bands you¡¯ve just beaten (by not much) on the day. Call me a grump, but at times is just comes across as borderline gloating and rubbing it in. I realise this is probably a spontaneous thi

  7. Well said, mase. herecomethedrums – I think you are watering down the great Strathclyde band with that comment. I know you dont mean to. The fact there was such a gulf back then highlights just how exceptional they were. FMM are probably the best band of all-time in terms of sound and playing, no doubt, but let’s not compare eras. It is pointless. We try to do that in sport and it never works. Let’s just leave things where they are. Two great bands of their time. Im sure PM Parkes would agree, given the inspiration and aspiration that particular Strathclyde band provided for him. As for the contest, whod be a judge?? What an incredible standard throughout the day, especially in changeable weather conditions. 4 bands at the top were basically in a log jam, in my opinion. FMM were worthy winners. Its always dicey to double-guess the judges, who were right there, but I think Inveraray shouldve got second overall. John Wilson seems to have got it pretty spot on with his medley placings, in my opinion. They are the best ensemble, in my opinion. Scottish Power played brilliantly but continue to be dogged by an inaccurate low A across the circle and being rather distracting. Curious that this keeps happening. Boghall had possibly the best s

  8. herecomethedrums ¨C nobody needs to be told that the bands of today sound better than the bands of yesterday, that¡¯s a no-brainer. The point is that it¡¯s all relative. Have a listen to Dysart in th

  9. That’s basically what I meant. A couple of people going completely bananas just gives the wrong impression. The majority were fine and good luck to them. Great band. I just think a couple of people might want to watch the replay…..



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