October 31, 2010

Hilton gains Silver Tassie

Wahroonga, Australia – October 17, 2010 – Eighteen-year-old Lincoln Hilton won the overall prize and the title Young Australasian Piper of the Year at the annual Silver Tassie solo competitions at Knox Grammar School, Wahroonga, New South Wales. Hilton received $200 cash and a $1000 gift voucher. Ainsley Hart, Scott Nicholson, Sam Young, Barry Gray and Robert Pierce were the judges.

Bill Green Memorial Open Medley (18 competed)
1st Lincoln Hilton
2nd Maree Poole
3rd Aaron O’Neill

Under-26 MSR (four competed)
1st Aaron O’Neill
2nd Sean Hodgeman
3rd Adam Wishart

Under-21 MSR (four competed)
1st Lincoln Hilton
2nd Tristan Garnett
3rd Michael Paton

Under-18 (14 competed)
1st Nicola Sharp
2nd George Harper
3rd Jason Riley

Under-15 (12 competed)
1st Riley Douglas
2nd Kirby Douglas
3rd Fergus Barry-Corderoy

Under-12 (three competed)
1st Sean Grace
2nd Jack Robson
3rd Ramsey Robinson-Kirkwood

Open (12 competed)
1st Maree Poole
2nd Adam Wishart
3rd Sean Hodgeman

Beginners (six competed)
1st Sean Grace
2nd Riley Douglas
3rd Lachlan Garnett

Restricted (six competed)
1st Irmigrad Foglar
2nd Charlie Hunter
3rd Jeneveive McLennan


  1. Lawrie, you are absolutley right. I know for a fact that none of New Zealand’s top young pipers were at this competition, and I’m pretty sure the competition was not even advertised over here. Surely the event needs a name change, it’s highly misleading.

  2. I understand people’s concerns about the naming of the contest but surely after pointing out those concerns, would it hurt to congratulate the winner? Congratulations, Lincoln!



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