December 11, 2023

Jack Lee’s exceeds 9,000 tunes and 300 piobaireachds (video)

Everyone knows British Columbia’s Jack Lee as the greatest competing Canadian piper in history, the original and current pipe-sergeant of the Grade 1 six-time World Champion Simon Fraser University, and a teacher and judge in demand worldwide.

But he’s been dutifully transcribing and recording piobaireachd and light music for decades. What started as a relatively small has ballooned to an astonishing 9,000 pieces of light music and 300 piobaireachds.

How in the world does he find the time and energy to do this while also keeping up with his many students and his Lee & Sons Bagpipes business, making pipe bags, reeds and instruments?

pipes|drums needed to find out. Ever gracious and accommodating, he found 15 minutes in his frenetic day to discuss his massive labour of love.

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  1. I have often though about the fact that since every one of Jack’s tune packages comes with a text file of encoded music for a Bagpipe Writer type program it means that Jack has probably the worlds largest collection of bagpipe music that can be data mined for phrases, modes, keys, melody lines, harmonys and so on. Researchers and students of the music would certainly benefit from access to this valuable resource.




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