October 31, 2017

Janet Gibson wins Pick the Glenfiddich Five!

After hundreds of entries were tallied, Janet Gibson of Bearsden, Scotland, emerged the winner of pipes|drums’ annual Pick the Glenfiddich Five competition, and receives a brand new set of R.G. Hardie Twist-Trap Practice Pipes, valued at £395 / $650.

The contest called for entrants to predict the top five aggregate placings at the 2017 Glenfiddich Solo Piping Championships. With only 2017 Glenfiddich Champion Jack Lee featuring in the prize list of each event, anticipating the overall result was that much more difficult. The aggregate list, based on preference in the Piobaireachd contest, was:

1st Jack Lee (1st in Piob, 2nd in MSR = 9 aggregate points)
2nd Roddy MacLeod (1st in MSR = 5 aggregate points)
3rd Angus MacColl (2nd in Piob = 4 aggregate points)
4th Iain Speirs (3rd in Piob = 3 aggregate points – Piob pref)
5th Alasdair Henderson (3rd in MSR = 3 aggregate points)

No entry had the result bang-on. In fact, none could be called close to all-correct. But Janet’s entry gained nine points, tied with one other, and she won on a coin-toss. According to the rules, entrants got three points for predicting the right piper in the right placing, and one point for getting a piper in the list but in not in the right place. Only entries that predicted the overall winner were considered.

Janet’s prediction:

1st Jack Lee (3 points)
2nd Iain Speirs (1 point)
3rd Roddy MacLeod (1 point)
4th Angus MacColl (1 point)
5th Alasdair Henderson (3 points)

Congratulations, Janet, and thank you to all who entered and of course to R.G. Hardie & Co. for sponsoring our contest.




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