Published: July 31, 2009

Kessler sweeps Durness

Durness, Scotland – July 24, 2009 – Martin Kessler of Germany won all four events at the Durness Games, a rare feat at any competition with a good entry. Andy Venters judged all events.
1st Martin Kessler, “Earl of Seaforth’s Salute”
2nd David Bisset, Muir of Ord, Scotland, “The Little Spree”
3rd Ross Shand, Inverness, “Lament for Mary MacLeod”
4th Ainsly Hart, Australia
1st Martin Kessler
2nd Ross Shand
3rd Ainsly Hart
4th David Bisset
Judge: Andy Venters
Strathspey & Reel
1st Martin Kessler
2nd Aaron O’Neill, Australia
3rd Ross Shand
4th Ainsly Hart
Judge:  Andy Venters
1st Martin Kessler
2nd Ainsly Hart
3rd Ross Shand
4th David Bisset


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