December 23, 2017

Last-minute gift? a p|d subscription!

Tick-tock. The metronome is clicking. The shops are soon shutting. It’s too late for that gizmo to arrive in time. The jolly boy in rose is on his way. You still need to get your favourite piper or drummer a gift for the holidays. What’s a desperate, thoughtful person to do?

Never fear – we are here to help!

A pipes|drums Gift Subscription is truly the present that keeps on presenting. Every day of the year our subscribers get to enjoy every one of the nearly 6,000 articles in our archive that spans nearly 20 years. A subscriber gets access to those special exclusive pieces.

+ Gift Subscription to pipes|drums

For a scant $14.99 or £9 that means four cents or less than three pence a day. Four pennies or three p!

Jings! You can’t even get one granny sooker or a crumb of tablet or one penny-chew for two pennies today!

You can designate the day that your recipient will get his or her email message about their gift subscription. (Also a great gift idea for birthdays, New Year, St. Andrew’s Day, or even Columbus Day!)

Now, here’s the extra: by subscribing, you contribute to the sustainability of the non-profit publication. Yes, you are helping the many thousands of readers who can’t afford a subscription, but who read and rely on pipes|drums every single day to keep them up-to-date on developments in the piping and drumming world. We don’t sell anything but subscriptions and advertising. We’re not trying to lure you into an online shop or coaxing you into taking lessons with us.

We’re only trying to provide a service for the piping and drumming world. That’s it.

Every penny that we bring in goes back into the publication, and anything left over goes to worthwhile piping and drumming causes – events and topics that you might actually also enjoy personally.

Unlike Santa, this stuff does not happen by magic.

So, stuff that stocking! Send your preferred piper, drummer or enthusiast the most thoughtful and valuable present of all – a subscription to pipes|drums.

But, hey, regardless of what you do, we wish you a merry Christmas and happy New Year all the same, and may your hose be filled with soor plumes, dolly mixture and joy year-round.





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