November 30, 2002

MacLeod Resigns Kilmarnock Pipe-Majorship

Kenny MacLeod has resigned as pipe-major of the Grade 2 Kilmarnock Pipe Band of Kilmarnock, Scotland. When MacLeod took over the band in 1998, it had been competing in Grade 4.

“I have regretfully decided to leave as Pipe-Major of the Kilmarnock Pipe Band,” MacLeod said. “The band was moved to Grade 2 when I took over and we did fairly well for our first year, finishing mid-table at a couple of the majors and just missing out on qualifying for the World’s. However, for the band to move to the next level it needs somebody who can commit 100-percent. It has become impossible for me to be there all the time, and that’s unfair to the band.”

The band is reportedly still searching for a replacement, and a new pipe-major will likely be announced within a week.

MacLeod is well known as majority owner of McCallum Bagpipes of Kilmarnock, and as the former Pipe-Major of the Glasgow Skye Association Pipe Band.






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