May 31, 2010

Malaysian Sikh takes South East Asian Championships

Jakarta – May 22, 2010 – The 31st Jakarta Highland Games were held in sweltering temperatures at tines reaching 33 º with 97 per cent  humidity. The games were held at Lippo Village located west of Jakarta. The pipe band contest was pushed back by an hour due to a normal Asian storm with torrential rain. Bands from Australia, Hong Kong and Malaysia competed and performed during the day. The games were presided by a charity concert entitled “Scotland in Concert” held at the orient Mandarin hotel in central Jakarta.

South East Asian Championships
1st Hong Kong St. Andrew’s
2nd equal Malaysian Sikh / Kuala Lumpur

Judges: Scott Nicolson, Alan Wallace

1st Malaysian Sikh
2nd Hong Kong
3rd Kuala Lumpur

Judges: Scott Nicolson, Alan Wallace

Overall Champions
1st Malaysian Sikh
2nd Hong Kong
3rd Kuala Lumpur

Solo Piping
1st Angus Roberts, Australia, “Hugh Kennedy,” “Susan Macleod,” “Mrs. MacPherson of Inveran”
2nd Adam Harvey, Australia
3rd Stuart Fung, Hong Kong

Judge: Scott Nicolson

Hornpipe & Jig
1st Angus Roberts, “The Skinny Latte,” “Athol Cummers”
2nd Adam Harvey
3rd Stuart Fung

Judge: Scott Nicolson

South East Asian Championship
Slow Air & 6/8 March
1st Kieran Wan, Hong Kong
2nd Paramjit Singh, Malaysia
3rd Arminder Singh, Malaysia

Solo Drumming
Open Snare
1st James Walsh, Australia
2nd Jag Singh

Judge: Alan Wallace

South East Asian Championship
1st Jag  Singh, Malaysian Sikh
2nd Ajeet Singh, Malaysian Sikh
3rd Mohammad Hazwan, Kuala Lumpur

Judge: Alan Wallace


  1. The location is no more weird” than any other event held outside the UK. I’d contest that Estes Park is equally as ‘exotic’. Jakarta is full of ex-pat Scots etc.

  2. You know what? This was cool to read. Amazing to me is that it’s the 31st gathering they have had. Any other weird” locations that games are held?”



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