Published: February 28, 2010

Manawatu takes down Masterton

Masterton, New Zealand – February 20, 2010 – In glorious New Zealand weather, Manawatu Scottish won two of three Grade 1 events at Masterton against the New Zealand Police, which they just tipped for the overall prize. The event is one of the competitions that lead up to the New Zealand National Championships, also in Masterton, March 12-13. The New Zealand Police won the overall drumming prize based on MSR preference.

Grade 3 was won by the Manawatu Development Band, and Grade 4 by Scots College. There was no Grade 2 event.

Grade 1
1st Manawatu (P1,P1,E1,D2)
2nd New Zealand Police (2,2,2,1)

Judges: D. Welsh, Philip Mair (piping); I. Mansfield (ensemble); C. Irvine (drumming)

1st Manawatu (ensemble pref. – 2,2,1,1)
2nd New Zealand Police (1,1,2,2)

Judges: I. Fergusson, R. Loan (piping); D. Pierce (ensemble); W. Hobbs (drumming)

Street March
1st New Zealand Police
2nd Manawatu


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