May 16, 2015

Manson comes up golden in Brown Medal

Adelaide, Australia – May 2-3, 2015 – Fiona Manson won the Gold Medal at the annual R.U. Brown Piobaireachd Society Solo Piping Competitions, this year held at Blackfriar’s Priory School Prospect. A New Zealand native, Manson is currently living in the Melbourne area. Greg Wilson, also of New Zealand, won the Clasp for former winners of the Gold Medal. The event is in honour of Robert Urquhart Brown, who travelled to Australia frequently in the 1950s and ’60s to teach piobaireachd.

Fiona Manson, winner of the 2015 R.U. Brown Gold Medal, with (L-R) adjudicators Brett Tidswell, Richard Hawke and Greg Wilson.

R.U. Brown Gold Medal
1st Fiona Manson, “The Big Spree”
2nd James Murray, Perth
3rd Simon Gibson
4th Yasu Hamilton
5th Adam Britten
Judges: Richard Hawke, Brett Tidswell, Greg Wilson

Clasp (for former winners of the Gold Medal)
1st Greg Wilson, “Donald Duaghal MacKay”
2nd Brett Tidswell
3rd Jason Craig

R.U. Brown Silver Medal (Intermediate)
1st Shannon Ritchie
2nd Meg Drinan
3rd Gabrielle Doecke

R.U. Brown Bronze Medal (Elementary)
1st Gabrielle Doecke
2nd Ian Thorn
3rd Christopher Chong
4th Geoff Smith
5th Abby Dalziel

Light Music
1st James Murray
2nd Greg Wilson
3rd Craig Sked
4th Jason Craig
5th Marion Horsburgh

Hornpipe & Jig
1st Greg Wilson
2nd James Murray
3rd Craig Sked
4th Jamie Hawke
5th Adam Britten

1st Simon Gibson
2nd Craig McInnes
3rd Robert Wilkinson

Hornpipe & Jig
1st Shannon Ritchie
2nd Joshua Chandler
3rd Anna Doecke

1st Christopher Chong
2nd Mel Inglis
3rd Jeffery Mears

1st Jeffrey Mears
2nd Stuart Beven
3rd Geoff Smith

1st Roger Sinclair
2nd Geoff Smith
3rd Ian Thorn

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