October 31, 2009

Masterson wins Nicol-Brown

Albany, New York – October 10, 2009 – Anthony Masterson of Houston was the overall winner of the Nicol-Brown Amateur Invitational, the long-running competition for the most successful amateur competitors from North America from the previous year. Andrew Douglas, Amy Garson and Murray Henderson judged all events, held at the St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church. Masterson received airfare to compete at the Scottish Piping Society of London competitions in 2010 and a kilt. Each prizewinner received various donated items.
1st Anthony Masterson, “The Mackays’ Banner”
2nd Elizabeth Sheridan, Oakville, Ontario, “MacNeil of Barra’s March”
3rd Liz Cherry, Greensburg, Pennsylvania, “Park Piobaireachd #2”
4th Avens Ridgeway, Union, Maine, “Beloved Scotland”
5th Ursa Beckford, Clifton, Maine, “Tulach Ard”
1st Anthony Masterson, “Lonach Gathering,” “The Doune of Invernochty,” “Cecily Ross”
2nd Elizabeth Sheridan
3rd Ursa Beckford
4th Bobby Durning, Milltown, New Jersey
5th Avens Ridgeway
6/8 March
1st Richard Gillies, Beaverton, Oregon, “Cameron MacFadyen,” “The Heights of Casino”
2nd Bobby Durning
3rd Patrick Downing, Bellingham, Washington
4th Ursa Beckford
5th Thomas Harrington, Debert, Nova Scotia
1st Anthony Masterson
2nd Elizabeth Sheridan
3rd Ursa Beckford
4th Avens Ridgeway
Also competing but not in the prizes was Daniel Pisowlowski, Canterbury, Connecticut. Invited but unable to attend was Chris Lee, Halifax, Nova Scotia and Hong Kong.




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