February 13, 2021

May, Grierson, Menzies, MacArthur, Forrest overall winners of NPC Juniors

The Internet – February 13, 2021 – A glimmer of a bright spot to the lack of in-person competitions is that many more contestants can participate in online events, and the 25th anniversary National Piping Centre Junior Solo Piping Competition went on in digital format, with a record 132 pipers playing more than 350 performances.

Cameron May of North Lanarkshire, Scotland, was the big winner of the overall prize in the Under 18 category. Gregor Grierson (pipes) and Jack MacArthur (chanter) took the Under 15; and Rory Menzies (pipes) and Seonaidh Forrest (chanter) won the aggregates in the Under 12.

Cameron May in a 2019 photo.

Under 18
1st Cameron May
2nd Bobby Allan
3rd Gregor MacDonald
4th Archie MacLean
5th Callum Lowther
6th Dugald MacKechnie

2/4 March
1st Jack McGowan
2nd Cameron May
3rd Jake Robertson
4th Hugo McPherson
5th Bobby Allen
6th Andrew Nelson

Strathspey & Reel
1st Cameron May
2nd Kyle Cameron
3rd Bobby Allen
4th Gregor MacDonald
5th Eala McElhinney
6th Griffin Jackson

1st Jack McGowan
2nd Gregor MacDonald
3rd Cameron May
4th Bobby Allen
5th Finlay Peden
6th Griffin Jackson

1st Catriona Norman
2nd Ryan McCreadie
3rd Magnus Stone
4th Flora Stone
5th Eala Niamh McElhinney
6th Aly William

Under 15
Full Piobaireachd
1st Lewis Maxwell
2nd Cameron Bonar
3rd Gregor Grierson
4th Fraser Hamilton
5th Connor Eckert
6th Hector Finlayson

Piobaireachd Ground
1st Brooklyn Morris
2nd Finlay Rowe
3rd Thomas Fallon
4th Millie MacLellan
5th Lewis Stewart
6th Fergus Goldie

2/4 March
1 Hector Finlayson
2 Connor Eckert
3 Gregor Grierson
4 Ryan McCreadie
5 Luke Nisbet
6th Fraser Hamilton

Strathspey & Reel
1st Cameron Bonar
2nd Fraser Hamilton
3rd Gregor Grierson
4th Euan Lindsay
5th Cameron MacPhail
6th Logie Johnston

1st Gregor Grierson
2nd Connor Eckert
3rd Fraser Hamilton
4th Cameron Bonar
5th Hector Finlayson
6th Euan Lindsay

Slow Air
1st Jack Macarthur
2nd Sam Westerman
3rd Hugh Anderson
4th Harris Robertson
5th Callum MacDougall
6th Nicholas Melvin

1st Leon Lee
2nd Jack MacArthur
3rd Harris Robertson
4th Hugh Anderson
5th Callum McDougall
6th Sam Westerman

Under 12
Piobaireachd Ground
1st Abby Long
2nd Rory Menzies
3rd Grace Kelman
4th Robbie Lithgow
5th Fergus Beattie
6th Owen McCreadie

2/4 March
1st Rory Menzies
2nd Grace Kelman
3rd Robbie Lithgow
4th Abby Long
5th Hamish Stephens
6th Fergus Beattie

Strathspey & Reel
1st Robbie Lithgow
2nd Grace Kelman
3rd Rory Menzies
4th Fergus Beattie
5th Hamish Stephens
6th Abby Long

Slow Air
1st Seonaidh Forrest
2nd Calum Morrison
3rd Morla Bruce
4th Joseph Townsley
5th Cairn MacKay
6th Lachlan Campbell

1st Seonaidh Forrest
2nd Liam Keeting
3rd Cairn MacKay
4th Joseph Townsley
5th Calum Morrison
6th Morla Bruce




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