August 31, 2009

McCallum cops Silver Cap

Glasgow – August 13, 2009 – Willie McCallum of Bearsden, Scotland, added to his trophy room and bank account with a win at the first Silver Cap Invitational Solo Piping Competition. The contest called for each competitor to submit a march, strathspey reel, air, hornpipe and jig, with at least one tune an original composition or arrangement never before performed in public. A CD is to be made of the event, and from it people can vote online for their favourite, and if any other competitor bests McCallum, that other person will receive an additional prize. If McCallum wins again, the prize money will be doubled. The contest was judged by Bob Worrall, who was behind a screen so as to shield the identity of players.
1st Willie McCallum £1000, “Banks View” (by Chris Armstrong), “Dora MacLeod,” “John MacKechnie’s Big Reel,” “The Banks of Locheil,” “Donald MacLeod,” “Malcolm Johnstone”

2nd Gordon Walker, Galston, Scotland, £750, “John MacDonald of Glencoe,” “Piper’s Bonnet,” “John Morrison, Assynt House,” “My Love, My Joy, My Treasure, ” “Donald Cameron’s Powder Hornpipe” (arrangement by Gordon Walker), “Donald Cameron’s Power Horn”

3rd Niall Stewart, Kyle of Lochalsh, Scotland, £600, “Uisdean MacLeod” (by Iain MacFadyen), “Ewe wi’ the Crookit Horn,” “Kildonon,” “Leaving Ireland,” “P-M Calum Campbell’s Caprice,” “Alex MacDonald”

4th Alasdair Gillies, Pittsburgh, £450, “My Beautiful Kind Young Girl”  (by Norman Gillies), “Highland Harry,” “Dr. MacPhail’s Reel,” “Lindsay’s Lament,” “The High Level,” “Dr. Iain MacAonghais”

5th Alex Gandy, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, £300, “John MacMillan of Barra,” “Cabar Feidh,” “John MacInnes,” “Wee Michael’s,” “Joe McGann’s Fiddle,” “Unnamed” (by Alex Gandy)

6th Glenn Brown, Glasgow, £150, “Bonnie Ann,” “Peter Hunt” (by Chris Armstrong), “Dr. MacPhail’s Reel,” “The Maids of Jura,” “The Fingercontrol,” “Amanda Clarke”

7th Iain Speirs, Edinburgh, £150, “Edinburgh City Police,” “The Glen Brig” (by Tom Speirs), “Bessie McIntyre,” “Fhuair Mii Pog A Laimh An Righ,” “Donald MacLeod,” “Donald, Willie, and His Dog”




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