May 31, 2011

McCready overall winner at blustery, crowded Atholl Gathering

Blair Atholl, Scotland – May 29, 2011 – Gordon McCready of Renfrew, Scotland, emerged the aggregate winner at the Atholl Gathering in challenging cold, blustery conditions. Seventy-five competitors played in the senior piping, which was split into three “boards” of 25 in the light music. The boards were seeded by grading, and three from each section competed in the final round. The piobaireachd events were divided by CPA grading.

A-Grade (19 competed)
1st Calum Beaumont, Bo’ness, Scotland
2nd Finlay Johnston, Glasgow
3rd Gordon McCready
4th Simon McKerrell, Lenzie, Scotland
5th Jonathon Greenlees, Northern Ireland
6th Alan Russell, Kelty, Scotland

Judges: Stuart Shedden, Tom Speirs

B-Grade (29 competed)
1st George Stewart
2nd Gordon Bruce
3rd Tracey Williams
4th Duncan Grant
5th David Shedden

Judges: Colin MacLellan, Andrew Wright

C-Grade (21 competed)
1st Sarah Muir
2nd Darach Urquhart
3rd James Gore
4th Colin Campbell
5th Bradley Parker

Judges: Ronald Clark, Bill Wotherspoon

Light Music
1st Gordon McCready
2nd Cameron Drummond
3rd Peter Hunt
4th Alan Russell
5th Calum Beaumont
6th Graham Drummond

Hornpipe & Jig
1st Gordon McCready
2nd Margaret Dunn
3rd Ross Forrest
4th Alan Russell
5th Cameron Drummond
6th Jonathon Greenlees

Light music judges were Duncan McDiarmid and John McDougall (board one); Barry Donaldson and James Hamilton (board two); and Jimmy Banks and Bill Fraser (board three).

1st Angus MacColl
2nd Connor Sinclair
3rd Andrew Clark
4th Greg McAllister
5th Andrew Brodlie
6th Harry McLachlan

1st Connor Sinclair
2nd Andrew Clark
3rd Harry McLachlan
4th Angus MacColl
5th Greg McAllister
6th Andrew Brodlie




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