April 14, 2018

McCready wins aggregate at SPA

Winners at the 2018 SPA (L-R): John Dew, Gordon McCready and Cameron MacDougall

Glasgow – April 14, 2018 – About 25 adult pipers of varying CPA grades competed at the annual solo piping competition run by the Scottish Pipers Association at the College of Piping, where Gordon McCready of Renfrew, Scotland, was the overall winner. The contest is open to all, and pipers who have won either the March or Strathspey & Reel events in the past are eligible to compete in the Former Winners March, Strathspey & Reel. The SPA dates back to 1920 when its first president was John MacDougall Gillies.

The competition is sponsored by McCallum Bagpipes.

Piobaireachd (Donald MacLeod Trophy)
1st Cameron MacDougall, Nigg, Scotland
2nd Gordon McCready
3rd John Dew, Perth, Scotland
4th Steven Gray, Lockerbie, Scotland
Judges: Roderick Livingstone, John Wilson

Former Winners MSR (Eachen Caimbeul Trophy)
1st Gordon McCready
2nd Sarah Muir, Glasgow
3rd Allan Russell, Kelty, Scotland
4th Steven Leask, Glasgow
5th Ben Duncan, Edinburgh
Judges: Ian McLellan, Willie Morrison

March (Donald MacDougall Trophy)
1st Gordon McCready
2nd John Dew
3rd Cameron MacDougall
4th Dan Nevans, Glasgow
5th Sandy Cameron, Roy Bridge, Scotland
Judges: Ian McLellan, Willie Morrison

Strathspey & Reel (Duncan MacIntyre Trophy)
1st John Dew
2nd Dan Nevans
3rd Cameron MacDougall
4th Ross Miller, Linlithgow, Scotland
5th Stuart McCallum, Glasgow
Judges: Ian McLellan, Willie Morrison

6/8 March (Duncan MacFadyen Memorial Trophy)
1st Ashley McMichael, Belfast
Judges: Roderick Livingstone, John Wilson

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