June 15, 2024

“Mind-blowing” artificial intelligence piping arrangement a taste of what’s to come?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to impact just about everything humans do whether we like or want it or not, and Canadian Scott Haynes, an accomplished pier who’s been a member of bands like Boghall & Bathgate Caledonia and the 78th Fraser Highlanders, might be the first to apply AI to a piping composition and accompanying video.

Using the new audio-prompting feature, Udio, Haynes input his own playing, allowed AI to interpret it, and created a new arrangement complete with a backing band based on the recording.

A screen capture from UDIO.

“As an ex-professional piper, I can attest that the result is mind-blowing, capturing the correct time signatures, the genre, and even including multiple ‘parts of the tune as you would find traditionally,” Haynes said.

His involvement in the burgeoning AI scene and his piping abilities bring what could be a historic first and a taste of what is almost certain to come as technology impacts the art of piping and drumming.

“To accompany the tune, I created an audio-reactive music video using Neural Frames, a powerful AI music video generator that gives you complete control to customize and layout your entire AI video,” Haynes added.

Neural Frames screen capture showing Haynes’s process.

Using neural Neural Frames’ latest “flicker” update, Haynes eliminated some of the flickering typically traditionally seen in the animated style of AI-generated video, resulting in a smooth, “morphing” production.

“The result was incredible. Although not every generation turned out perfectly, there’s always an element of unpredictability with AI creations.”

Haynes described his process:

“I began by recording myself playing a simple jig on my practice chanter.

  1. I uploaded the audio file to the AI music generator at UDIO.
  2. I added the following prompt: “Breton Celtic folk music, Rock, Folk rock, Celtic, European music, Regional music, European folk music, Instrumental.”
  3. The AI worked its magic, integrating my audio and prompt to create the song.
  4. Next, I used Neural Frames, a powerful AI music video generator, to create a music video. This tool allows for complete customization, letting you layout your timeline with various prompts and audio-reactive effects.

“The result was incredible. Although not every generation turned out perfectly, there’s always an element of unpredictability with AI creations.”

While the piping and drumming world often disregards copyright law, the music industry as a whole is grappling with how to deal with AI when it comes to the ownership of music derived from copyrighted works.

AI could be applied to the arrangement of pipe band medleys, teaching, pipe tunes, drum scores, and even judging, potentially even eliminating the need for human adjudicators and their subjective opinions.

Here’s the AI-generated arrangement and video, beginning with Scott Haynes playing the music sample that was fed into the system.

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  1. No thanks it’s amazing what the ai did but I just don’t see the point. Once you take out the human element in any art form, be it music, painting, writing, acting or dance it ceases to be art. In my humble opinion it’s a slippery slope to go down if we let this technology replace our own creativity and yes, thinking itself. It makes us intellectually lazy and I see enough of that already with the screen addiction problem today, ai can only make it worse.



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