March 31, 2011

Moorabbin City on top at Victorian State Championships

Melbourne – March 26, 2011 – The Grade 2 Moorabbin City won the overall top award at the 2011 Victorian State Pipe Band Championships held at Haileybury College, at which 22 bands competed over four grades. Moorabbin won the Medley event, which University of Ballarat took the MSR. There were no Grade 1 events. As with most Australian pipe band competitions, bands play in two events on the day. Weather began overcast and ended bright and sunny.

Grade 2 (four competed)
1st Moorabbin City (MSR: 3,1,2,3; Medley: 1,2,1,1)
2nd University of Ballarat (MSR: 1,2,1,1; Medley: 2,3,2,3)
3rd Hawthorn City (MSR: 2,4,4,4; Medley: 3,1,4,2)

Grade 3 (seven competed)
1st Scotch College (MSR: 1,3,2,3; Medley: 1,2,4,4)
2nd City of Melbourne (MSR: 2,2,4,2; Medley: 4,4,2,3)
3rd Williamstown (MSR: 3,1,5,5; Medley: 3,1,6,1)

Grade 4 (eight competed)
1st University of Ballarat (Selection of Marches: 2,3,1,1; Medley: 2,1,1,1)
2nd North Queensland Scots (SOM: 1,2,3,2; Medley: 1,2,7,2)
3rd Rats of Tobruk (SOM: 4,1,2,4; Medley: 3,3,4,3)

Juvenile (three competed)
1st Scotch College (SOM: 2,1,1,2 Medley: 1,1,2,1)
2nd Haileybury College (SOM: 1,2,2,1; Medley: 2,2,1,2)
3rd Presbyterian Ladies College (SOM: 3,3,3,3; Medley: 3,3,3,3)

MSR and SOM judges: Tom McGirr, June McLeish (piping); Greg Bassani (drumming); Bill Russell (ensemble)

Medley judges: Brian Niven, Nat Russell (piping); Brett Stanley (drumming); Sam Young (ensemble)




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