July 31, 2008

Moose sponsors four bands in three continents

Adding to the increasing number of bagpipe supplies and Highland dress businesses that are sponsoring pipe bands, Moose Bagpipe Products of Melbourne, Australia, has struck endorsement deals with four of the world’s Grade 1 pipe bands.
The Australia Highlanders, Bagad Brieg of Brittany, the New Zealand Police and the Scottish Lion-78th Fraser Highlanders of Toronto have each been signed to three-year sponsorships. According to Ian Lyons of Moose Products, the bands will “endorse and use Moose Bagpipe Products as a major part of their bagpipe set-up.”
The company produces mainly accessories for Highland pipes, including the Moose Valve, which is intended to control air-flow to drones, Hylands In-Line Drone Valves, which promise to improve strike-ins and cut-offs, and the Moose Pipe Bag, a synthetic bag with rubber collars for stocks.
Lyons said that the combined worth of the deals is “in excess of $60,000.” He added that each band has expressed “hope that the sponsorship deals will continue into another term and are excited by the prospect of further developments from Moose Bagpipe Products.”
Lyons added that the company plans to unveil a new moisture control system in late-2008 or early-2009.
Other piping and drumming merchandise organizations that sponsor bands include R.G. Hardie & Co and Field Marshal Montgomery, the Scottish Lion and the 78th Frasder Highlanders and the House of Edgar and Shotts & Dykehead.


  1. As the saying goes,Money makes the world go ’round”. Competing is an expensive propostion so why not find innovative ways to finance your band. I have no problem with this as long as the sponsors don’t start calling the shots and affecting the direction of a band

  2. That’d be interesting, Gary. The Australia Moose Highlanders, Bagad Brieg of Moose, the New Zealand Moose Police and the Scottish Lion-78th Moose Highlanders. A Møøse once bit my sister …



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