March 31, 2013

MWPBA goes all-online for contest entries

If you want to compete at competitions sanctioned by the Midwest Pipe Band Association, you’d best have access to the Internet and a PayPal account as the organization has launched an online-only entry system for pipers and drummers, with an aim to streamline access to its nine full events in 2013.

Like most associations that allow competitions to run independently, but with contest governance, rules and judging sanctioning, the MWPBA has relied on non-piping/drumming games organizers to manage an often complex entry system, leaving competitors to deal with disparate and sometimes confusing approaches.

“This year we brought out the Master Entry idea,” said MWPBA President Jim Sim.  “The games representatives came to an overall agreement on the fees for soloists and bands.  It really got the games people talking about issues and benefits [and they] now don’t have to worry about taking care of entries, but they still get the income from the entries.”  

Sim stressed that the new process is another measure to help along competitions that operate on slim budgets, especially since the United States’ economy-crash of 2008.

“We have done several things over the past four years to help the games continue in this tough economic time,” he added. “Our membership now has nine opportunities to play as well as a regional solo contest in the off-season.  It is a larger task for the MWPBA but we have a great team that has done a great job with all of the changes and improvements.”  

The MWPBA’s Regional Solo contests were started two years ago, and now include six events in Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, Michigan, Kentucky and Ohio, with finals in solo piping, snare drumming, tenor drumming and bass drumming taking place on April 20th in Palatine, Illinois.  

The newest and ninth full outdoor competition for the MWPBA will be the Canterbury Village contest in Orion Township, Michigan, near Detroit, on June 8th. We have contests now starting on May 4th and going until the last weekend in September.  

“Things are going well here in the MWPBA. We have a great team that has done a great job with all of the changes and improvements,” Sim concluded.  

The online entry system is thought to be a world first for a major piping and drumming association.


  1. Just a correction — you do not need a PayPal account to register for MWPBA contests. You can pay using your credit card, or even mail a check… if you really must. Stuart (MWPBA web guy)

  2. I was pleased to hear that in the mid-west the various Games organizers receive the entry fees for piping, drumming and pipe band competitions. When we (the Montreal Highland Games) used the PPBSO to run our competitions, they kept all those fees in addition to the fee they charged the Games for judging, stewards, accommodation, travel etc. (just below $10,000.00). Kirk Johnstone – Chairman, Montreal Highland Games



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