Published: June 21, 2013

Northern lights shine on Wilton

Aberdeen – June 16, 2013 – David Wilton of Glasgow was the overall winner at the Aberdeen Highland Games, with a first in the Jigs and two other high prizes. Mael Sicard-Cras of Brittany won the Piobaireachd event.

1st Mael Sicard-Cras, “Macleod of Rassay’s Salute”
2nd David Wilton, “The Park Piobaireachd No 2”
3rd Robert Gibb, “Isabel MacKay”
4th Alan Clark, “The Marquis of Argyll’s Salute”
5th Grieg Canning, “Lament for Donald of Laggan”

Judges: Norman Matheson, Duncan Watson

1st Greig Wilson
2nd David Wilton
3rd Allan Russell
4th Connor Sinclair
5th Ailish Sutherland

Judges: John MacDougall, James Hamilton

Strathspey & Reel
1st Allan Russell
2nd Connor Sinclair
3rd Greig Wilson
4th David Shedden
5th Fraser Maitland

Judges: John MacDougall, James Hamilton

1st David Wilton
2nd Ailish Sutherland
3rd Connor Sinclair
4th Greig Wilson
5th Jeffrey Lawson

Judges: Ronnie Maclean, Archie MacLean

1st Andrew Clark
2nd Calum Brown
3rd Scott Hay

Judges: John MacDougall, James Hamilton


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