Published: May 31, 2009

NZ Targe and Claidhmor: Horsburgh and Frewen

Palmerston North, New Zealand – May 23, 2009 – Marion Horsburgh and Martin Frewen were the winners of the Celtic Inn Targe for piobaireachd and Colin Craig Claidhmor for light music at the Celtic Inn. Six others competed in the event, which is judged by the previous year’s winners.
Celtic Inn Targe Piobaireachd.
1st Marion Horsburgh
2nd Jamie Hawke
3rd Martin Frewen
Colin Craig Claidhmor
1st Martin Frewen
2nd George Mason
3rd Murray Mansfield
4th Iain Robertson
Others playing but not in the prizes were Geoff Halberg and Thomas McGirr. Stuart Easton and Brendon Eade judged both events.


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