December 04, 2020

P-Ms Video Forum: Armstrong, Bevan and Tully on pipe band life in the pandemic – Part 2

We conclude our two-part pipes|drums Pipe-Majors’ Video Forum with leaders of three of the world’s greatest bands: Chris Armstrong, ScottishPower; Alan Bevan, Simon Fraser University; and Alen Tully, St. Laurence O’Toole.

A line of 2019 Grade 1 World Championship prizewinners (L-R): L-D Steven McWhirter, Inveraray & District; P-M Ross , People Ford Bohall & Bathgate Caledonia; P-M Alan Bevan, Simon Fraser University; P-M Chris Armstrong, ScottishPower; P-M Alen Tully, St. Laurence O’Toole; P-M Richard Parkes, Field Marshal Montgomery. [Photo: Alister Sinclair]
The first part revealed insights, some perhaps surprising. We often assume that Grade 1 bands are somehow exempt from the problems the rest of the pipe band world faces, but, when it comes to the novel coronavirus pandemic, we are all equals.

In this second part, these three greats of the games discuss the prospect of a return after more than a year, or what could be 18 months o even two years. Whether the pipe band world comes back with thin ranks and trepidation, or full bore raring to go, is impossible to know.

“It’s hard to get motivated for a band Zoom practice, but I always feel good after. I always feel good that I played a tune with everybody.” – Alan Bevan

The top-grade bands will always be a goal destination for pipers and drummers, and the bands with organized teaching and a feeder system could well be in better stead than others.

We also get into the topic of band sizes. It could be that many bands are necessarily smaller when competitions return, but whether rules on maximum numbers will be brought in to level the playing field is also impossible to predict.

We hope that you enjoy this candid conversation, and we thank Chris Armstrong, Alan Bevan and Alen Tully for contributing their insights and time to the piping and drumming world, especially at such an uncertain time for all.



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