April 24, 2020

Pipers come together to pay tribute to Nova Scotia victims

Bruce Gandy playing outside of his home at 8 am, paying tribute to the victims of the Nova Scotia massacre.

Highland pipers banded together in Nova Scotia and around the world at 8 am EDT on Friday, April 24th, to pay a synchronized tribute to the victims of the April 18-19 shootings and fires across the province by a lone perpetrator across the province.

Pipers of every ability played “Amazing Grace,” which has become a universal anthem in times of mourning and tribute.

Dozens participated from as far afield as British Columbia and Scotland, including renowned pipers like Gold Medallist Bruce Gandy, a resident of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, not far from the scene of many of the crimes.

Twenty-two were murdered and at least two physically injured in what was Canada’s biggest mass-killing in Canadian history.

The idea for the tribute was apparently started by Nova Scotia piper Jon Stone.





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