October 16, 2016

Pipes+Drums 2016 videos: Ottawa Police Service

Just in time before the cold weather hits in the northern hemisphere, we bring you the first in our series of videos from the annual Pipes + Drums Recital, sponsored by pipes|drums Magazine, at the Piping Live! Glasgow International Piping Festival.

This year’s event on August 9th drew probably the largest crowd ever for a Street Café event at Piping Live!, with eager listeners spilling out from the marquee at least 20 deep, almost onto the road.

We begin with Pipe-Major Andrew Hayes and Lead-Drummer Brendan Kelly of the Ottawa Police Service Pipe Band, making their first appearance in Grade 1 at the World Pipe Band Championships.

A Highland Society of London Gold Medalist, Andrew Hayes is one of the world’s top competitive pipers. He has been the leader of the Ottawa Police through the band’s rise from Grade 3 to Grade 1. Brendan Kelly has been Lead-Drummer with the band for two years, coming through the highly successful Glengarry School of Piping & Drumming in Maxville, Ontario, lead-drummer of the Grade 2 Glengarry Pipe Band 2007-2011, playing with the Grade 1 Toronto Police 2011-’12, joining Ottawa Police in 2013 and taking the L-D post when the band was promoted to Grade 1 in 2014.

With proceeds from pipes|drums subscriptions and advertising revenues, we are able to fund events such as the Pipes+Drums Recital, where performers are compensated fairly for their work.

We hope that you enjoy these videos from the 2016 pipes|drums Magazine Pipes+Drums Recital, and please stay tuned for more over the next few months.





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